Drugstore Christmas Holiday Makeup Tutorial - VideosByStephanie

My Christmas Holiday video has been up a while on my channel but I thought you guys might love to do this also during the winter time! Red lip with black wing eyeliner. Enjoy and leave me a comment! xo

My Mascara Routine - Long and Volumous Lashes Tutorial!


Life Lately / Birthday + Portland Weekend

 On my actual birthday with my cute niece Addison :)
 We made it to Portland....... Starbucks~

 ANTHROPOLOGIE obsessing happened...

 buffalo exchange!
I liked this wall....

 this restaurant was crazy cool and the pizza's were gourmet and very delicious! 
I missed getting to go into Free People by minutes! Was so sad but I grabbed some display shots real fast~
 If you ever go to Portland, you HAVE to, just have to go to Salt And Straw. Fresh made waffle cones and special ice cream flavors! I tried a Brownie Chunk one which was so good. The line was at least 100 feet though.
 IKEA happened and I got some of these frames, a light fixture for my room and lots of other stuff I'll show to you guys soon.

 they were sold out of this light so I was sad...
 We ended the trip with a concert by the Great-great Von Trapp Grandchildren Singers. They were so sweet and VERY talented!!!

Overall, it was a fun trip that happened with my parents! I never get tired of hanging out in Portland...The traffic though....



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