who cares about caring?

So let's just say my birthday was yesterday. In fact, it truly was.

Well at dinner, my sister handed me my two presents. She said I HAD to open the big one second. So I did. I was confused and a little jittery as I opened up the tissue to find a book. There were pages of pretty paper and writing. Little Polaroids laid about with image hints. a map? suitcases. portland. money.


I think I was in deep shock. yes.

My sisters are taking me on a road trip to Portland sometime soon. We will go to Anthropologie for my first time, and other stores of course. I just couldn't really get it. They must love me so much to have thought it all through, you know?

I told dad to turn off the camera.

and I cried.... silently of course with my face hidden. There were other people in the restaurant after all and two friends patting my back were arguing how to comfort someone. Which was quite funny in of itself. I now know not to whack someone on the back but to rub in small circles. ha!

If you ever wonder if someone cares about you, don't wonder any longer. Don't ever give up to despair.  Don't settle into gloom or darkness. Someday, someone will surprise you with a sweet thing that shows they care.


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