4 November Goals

Writing down my goals always helps me a ton in achieving them! Have you set any goals for yourself this month? Tell me one! :)

1. Fitness
Tone It Up is a couple of well toned professionals, helping train other women to be fit! They are doing a special month workout starting today on their blog. I just did the first workout, and boy do I feel amazing! Sitting here drinking my tea and talking about my fitness workout makes me feel fit, ha ha!

2. Make Beautiful Things
With the holidays coming up, I want to really use my time well in designing for my shop and making gifts for Christmas! It's easy to get distracted with life. :)

3. Make Memories With Friends and Family
It's also easy to forget to make special moments that will last longer than gifts and things. So I also want to have fun times and take pictures to remember.

4. Meet My Niece!
 She is to be born any day now! I am so excited for my first niece. I really wanted my sister to have a girl and she is! Soon I will also find out her special name.....

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