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Jan 23, 2002

"Today we are going to town to whatch a puppit show, and run some arwands.

We went skiing two mondays ago. But we mite not go, becans we arnt git'ing are school don.
But I whant to go!

I will tell you what I do afry day!
Well almost afry day!

But I have to do it on the nexts page.

Foost I wack up. Then I git out of Bed. Then I go down stars. (stairs) and I eat Brecfast.

Then I do the milking, if it is my toorn. and then I go up to the Hoese. (House)
Then we stran (strain) the milk, and then I put th milk into a can.

Then I do someThang.

Then I do some school.

Then it's about time to eat lanch. (lunch) and then we go back to school.
and the I do someThang.

and then it's time to eat diner. (dinner)

and then a dafoshen (family devotion)

and then Bed!"


I found this entry last night, from 6 years ago. I thought it was interesting. =)

Sorry for the spelling...

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